Map Commission


Map Commission Remits 2023-2024


The Map Commission should aim at meeting two times a year. The meeting schedule should include:

  • The annual joint meeting of the Council and Commissions
  • The biennial IOF Congress
Map Commission Members

Jean-Philippe Stefanini (FRA) Acting Chairperson

Christer Carlsson (SWE)

christer (at)

Evaluates maps after competition (Major Events only). Send map to:

Christer Carlsson, Ulvstorp 247, 449 90 Nol, SWEDEN

Robert Ditz (AUT)

robert.ditz (at)

Design work Map Specifications

Fredrik Johansson (AUS)

hpadmin (at)

Luděk Krtička (CZE)

zaves (at)

O-Map Wiki

Agnar Renolen (NOR)

agnar.renolen (at)