Updated 2021-12-09 03:39 (GTM+00:00)

1 Kasper Harlem Fosser 460
2 Matthias Kyburz 363
3 Daniel Hubmann 304
4 Joey Hadorn 242
5 Emil Svensk 195
6 Audun Heimdal 180
7 Florian Howald 168
8 Isac von Krusenstierna 145
9 Lukas Liland 142
10 Gustav Bergman 133
1 Tove Alexandersson 505
2 Simona Aebersold 480
3 Hanna Lundberg 305
4 Andrine Benjaminsen 290
5 Natalia Gemperle 247
6 Sara Hagstrom 222
7 Karolin Ohlsson 203
8 Elena Roos 167
9 Sarina Kyburz 148
10 Lotta Karhola 146

World Cup

New World Ranking Awards

This month sees the launch of annual IOF World Ranking Awards, a scheme to recognise the highest ranked athletes in all four disciplines per region. The World Ranking leaders on the 1st of December each year in each of I...

Finland wins a close CX80 MTBO Team World Cup

The final competitions of the international MTB orienteering season took place today with a mixed relay in the CX80 MTBO World Cup and European MTB Orienteering Championships , and relays in the European Junior and Youth...


CX80 MTBO World Cup: overall wins for Svetlana Foliforova and Simon Braendli

Neither rider won a medal in the Long Distance today, but Foliforova retained her top placing to win by just 5 points, whilst Braendli’s win yesterday at Middle Distance was decisive in giving him the lead. The Dane Cami...

Middle golds to Denmark and Switzerland

Nikoline Splittorff, Denmark and Simon Braendli, Switzerland are the Middle Distance champions, winning by 16 seconds and 2.02 respectively. This is 22-year-old Splittorff’s first individual win at international level; f...

MTB Orienteers of all ages converge on Portugal

Challenging competition for the MTBO elite of all ages takes place in Portugal over the coming few days. The headline event is the European MTBO Championships and the final round of the CX80 World Cup; European Junior an...