Updated 2023-01-29 21:38 (GTM+00:00)

1 Kasper Harlem Fosser 382
2 Martin Regborn 247
3 Gustav Bergman 231
4 Emil Svensk 214
5 Daniel Hubmann 213
6 Olli Ojanaho 190
7 Eskil Kinneberg 189
8 Albin Ridefelt 180
9 Max Peter Bejmer 169
10 Tim Robertson 165
1 Tove Alexandersson 452
2 Simona Aebersold 362
3 Andrine Benjaminsen 281
4 Lina Strand 237
5 Marika Teini 206
6 Venla Harju 194
7 Elena Roos 185
8 Tereza Janosikova 180
9 Sabine Hauswirth 177
10 Lisa Risby 170

World Cup

World Cup 2022: Clear winners, but Finals bring changes in top six

Before these two individual races in Davos, Tove Alexandersson and Kasper Fosser were close to assuring themselves of first place and €5000 in prize money, and both achieved this with a race to spare. They have both had ...

World Cup Final Long Distance: Simona Aebersold and Daniel Hubmann take top placings

Long Distance winners on a fantastic course in the sunny Swiss Alps today were Simona Aebersold and Daniel Hubmann, the latter at 39 years old still able to tackle the steep slopes and long legs better than anyone else. ...

World Cup Final Middle race: Emphatic wins for Alexandersson and Fosser

Tove Alexandersson, Sweden, and Kasper Fosser, Norway, both showed their superior class today with clear victories in the World Cup Final Middle Distance race. Alexandersson’s margin was 30 seconds and Fosser’s an outsta...

World Cup Final: Home nation Switzerland dominates Relays

The first races of the World Cup Final weekend, the relays, were both won by Switzerland, always strong on home terrain. Joey Hadorn and Simona Aebersold on the third legs brought their teams home in front by 32 seconds ...

Running in ski slopes helped Martin Regborn get fit for the World Cup

Martin Regborn will head into the World Cup final in Davos Klosters in second position in the overall standings. Less than two months ago, he achieved the greatest international result this far in his career, when he won...