Final standings 2019

Updated 2021-01-25 07:37

1 Gustav Bergman 499
2 Joey Hadorn 394
3 Daniel Hubmann 378
4 Olav Lundanes 370
5 Vojtech Kral 338
6 Frederic Tranchand 308
7 Matthias Kyburz 305
8 Martin Regborn 257
9 Yannick Michiels 250
10 Lucas Basset 239
1 Tove Alexandersson 735
2 Simona Aebersold 473
3 Natalia Gemperle 420
4 Sabine Hauswirth 337
5 Elena Roos 325
6 Julia Jakob 269
7 Venla Harju 224
8 Marika Teini 223
9 Sara Hagstrom 219
10 Denisa Kosova 191

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