Start-up Kit

Start-up Kit is a package to be used in new potential orienteering countries, to give them all necessary knowledge for a simple and fast start by their own as the first step in their orienteering development. It includes very simple guidelines (a manual) which can be easily used by anyone, even by people who do not know anything about orienteering yet. This manual will provide you with useful tips and simple instructions how to organize your first orienteering events and it should encourage you to start with orienteering development themselves without waiting for external help:

Start-Up Kit Manual 

Moreover, new countries starting with orienteering can request a Start-up Kit package including some basic equipment such as control flags, punches, banners and simple compasses. So far, this package has been requested and sent to the following countries: Albania, Algeria, Botswana, Gabon, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Mongolia, Nepal, Paraguay and Philippines.

If you are starting with orienteering in your country and would like to get this package, send an email with some background information about your activities to

The Start-up Kit is a live project which is going to be updated whenever is needed to be able to give latest knowledge, experience as well as necessary equipment for the successful launch of orienteering in new countries.

Further steps planned in this project are to organise educational seminars for volunteers – Start-up Kit instructors – willing to help with orienteering development in new regions.

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