Athletes licence


The International Orienteering Federation (IOF) has an Athletes’ Licence system.

  • It contributes to the fairness of our sport by having athletes confirm that they will respect and follow the IOF rules. The IOF licence is an agreement between the IOF and the athlete.
  • The Licence fee goes directly to the IOF Anti-Doping fund which is part of IOF Anti Doping plan.
  • To improve risk management for major event Organisers, Member Federations and the IOF,  by defining the conditions upon which competitors participate in major IOF events.
  • The International Olympic Committee (IOC) expects all recognised sports federations to have a regulation framework for athletes.


  • The licence is needed for athletes participating in Senior (Elite M/W 21) World Championships and World Cup competitions.
  • The Athlete Licence is signed through the digital process via IOF Eventor.
  • Payment should reach the IOF Office or IOF Office representatives before participating in a World Championship or World Cup Event.
  • The licence is annual and is valid for all orienteering disciplines.

Athlete licence

From season 2023 and onwards it is an digital process for Athletes Licenses.

The digital process needs to be done once a year.

How to apply:

  1. Make sure that you have IOF ID and an updated user profile in IOF Eventor
  2. Go through the digital process for My Athlete Licence via your IOF user profile in IOF Eventor
  3. Pay the annual licence fee in IOF Eventor.

Payment and Management

The annual Licence fee is 40 EURO/athlete. The Licence should be paid by the Federation or the Athlete. All payments are done in IOF Eventor.

Athlete payments

The Athlete can login into IOF Eventor and pay licence by card or by bank transfer. Read more in IOF Eventor Guide for Athletes.

Payments by Federation

The Federation can pay by login into IOF Eventor (as Administrator or Team manager). Read more in IOF Eventor Guide for Federations. It is a two step process where the federation purchase a set of (1 or more) licences. After the purchase the federation can assign licences to athletes.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q? If I have already signed the form do I need to do the it through the digital process for season 2023?

Answer: Yes, from season 2023 and onwards you need to go through the digital process once a year.

Q? Do I need to have different licecnces and pay many fees if I participate in several Orienteering disciplines?

Answer: No.

Q? A Junior in our team will participate in the World Championship relay. Do he or she need to have a valid licence?

Answer: Yes, everyone that participate in a Senior World Championship or World Cup competition need a valid licence.

Q? I cannot pay through the IOF Eventor payment options (Bank transfer or PayPal card payment). What should I do?

Answer: IOF will never accept cash payments. Please contact to find a solution.

Q?: My Federation have paid for 10 licences in 2017 and have not assigned them or used them. Can we use them for 2018?

A: Late October every year, IOF go through every unused licence payment and transfer them to the next year for the Federation to use for the next season.