MTB Orienteering Commission

What’s new in MTBOC?

  • Please fill the questionnaires of the coming MTBO events in POR – EMTBOC & EJYMTBOC 2021 (link) and WMMTBOC 2021 (link). Thank you!
  • A new document with WMTBOC/JWMTBOC 2021 evaluation was added.
  • New EA clinic / educational seminar for the education of mappers, coaches and organisers and athletes in the field of MTBO in Bulgaria, 15-16 September 2021. See more in Event Advising section or follow this link.
  • The MTBO Commission is doing a survey about the use of the Emit Touch-Free PRO Longrange punching system at the WMTBOC & JWMTBOC 2021 since this system has only been approved for World Ranking events so far. We’d like to use the opportunity to help us consider whether or not Emit TFP-LR is acceptable for MTBO. Please complete the questionnaire – it doesn’t take long to do so and you can help shape the future of our sport! The form is accessible here. Many thanks!



Remits MTB Orienteering Commission 2019-2020



Members MTB Orienteering Commission

Ursula Häusermann (SUI)

chair.mtboc (at)


Jiri Putik (CZE)

j.putik (at)

Keith Dawson (GBR)

drkpdawson (at)

Maxim Kapitonov (RUS)

maximkapitonov (at)

Mika Häkkinen (FIN)

mika (at)

Steven Hale (SWE)

Giaime Origgi (ITA)

giaime.origgi (at)

Michael Lindholm (DEN)

knlindholm70 (at)