Organising WOC and JWOC

Organising WOC and JWOC

This page will be updated with detailed information that is necessary for both applicants and for organisers of WOC and JWOC. An Applicant needs to know the big picture of what requirements and opportunities there is and the organiser needs to know every important detail. The detailed view will be presented in sub-pages, the WOC and JWOC Event Overview tool.

Applicants view of organising WOC

TBD in April 2019. Short description of the what the Event is all about and overall aspects that is important for an applicant to form an sustainable and attractive bid.

This information can currently be found in the Application notes for WOC applications, see here: Apply for an event

Applicants view of organising JWOC

The Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) is the most important event for the best juniors in the World. It is an event held annually in July with the intention of finding the Junior World Champions. When it comes to the competition and terrain, maps and courses, the quality should be comparable to that of a WOC and the arenas and arena production should make the event interesting for spectators as well as viewers in the internet. But apart from this, the cost of participating should be low and the event should be organised in a way, that promotes a strong social atmosphere among the athletes. Usually, JWOC attracts 300 athletes and 100 team officials from approximately 40 countries.

From 2022 and onwards, the JWOC programme consists of an individual Sprint, Sprint Relay, Forest Long distance, Forest Middle distance and a forest Relay.

We encourage all countries with the ambition to organise a JWOC to prepare and sumbit a bid for the event. The bidding period for JWOC 2023 is open from 1st May until 31st December 2019. Usually we have more than applicant. Thererfore it is important for an applicant to form an sustainable and attractive bid. The information about what a bid should contain and application forms can be found in the Application notes for JWOC applications, see here: Apply for an event.

Potential applicants are encouraged to contact IOF Foot O-commission with all questions they may have about an application.