Organizing EYOC

This page contains specific Manuals and Guidance on how to organise an European Youth Orienteering Championships. There are only specifically EYOC related files on this page. In case of any misunderstandings and unclear statements on the documents, please feel free to contact the resposible person below to improve it.

The Foot Orienteering Commission responsible for EYOC is: Áron Less,

Short news for EYOC Organizers

  • 15.12.2022: New version of EYOC Organizers Manual issued. It has been updated according to the lessons learned during the Covid pandemic and postponed EYOC 2022. We ask EYOC organizers to follow this new version. See last chapter of this document to explore main changes from previous version.
  • 30.5.2019: EYOC Team Score calculator software tool published. Credits and many thanks belongs to Nermin Fenmen (TUR), who created this tools and agreed to publish it for further use.
  • 1.5.2019: EYOC Organizing page launched. This will serve for EYOC organizers to be informed about news and changes.

EYOC Related Documents