FootO Event Adviser Clinics and Seminars

Event Adviser Clincis are seminars that are setup to train Event advisers. IOF FootO Commission also setup an annual High Level Event Seminar (HLES) which is for all IOF Functions that are involved with WOC, World Cup, WMOC and JWOC events, previous and coming years.

Seminar Calendar


8-10 May – Event Advising Clinic in Ankara, Turkey


6  – 8 March – Event Advisers´and IOF Development Clinic in Tanjung Malim, Perak – Malaysia

15 – 16 February – High Level Event Seminar (HLES) – Glasgow, Scotland


30 November – 1 December – Event Advising Clinic in Brno – Czech republic


26-27 August – Event Advising Clinic in Hokuto – Japan

3-5 May – Event Advising Clinic in Foz do Iguaçu-Brazil


12-14 April – EA Clinic And Sprint Organser Clinic in Vladimir, Russia


2-3 February – High Level Event Seminar in Prague (HLES), Czech Republic



1st February – IOF TV Seminar