Organising WRE in FootO

Here you will find Guidelines and templates for organising a World Ranking Event in Foot Orienteering. Note that the general application procedures and rules can be found here.



Long Distance WRE on 1:10 000, test project

During 2019 all long distance WRE organisers are allowed to use 1:10 000 scale instead of 1:15 000. The requirement is that the questionnaire is filled in after the event and sent to IOF Office and FootO Commission. It is the Event Adviser’s responsibility that the questionnaire is filled in and submitted.


Map printing quality assurance news 2019-02-19

There is a new process for quality assurance of map printing which is described in the WRE manual 2019 (Chapter 12).

Short process:

  1. the organiser follows ISOM 2017 Appendix 1 – CMYK printing and colour definitions
  2. the organiser conducts printer output testing and adjustments to printer and mapping software
    1. Print test sheet (available in OCAD 8) and compare to IOF Test Sheets.
    2. Print map and compare to IOF Test Sheets.
  3. the Event adviser approves the printing process and the map output with the tested setup
  4. After the Competition: one final map is sent to IOF Map Commission (Currently Christer Carlsson), address:
  5. If the after-competition evaluation find any substantial problem, the organiser, Federation and the appointed IOF Event Adviser and the IOF Office will get feedback.


In February 2019 there will be a new IOF Test Sheet OCAD file produced and published. The old is found here:

IOF will also print one Example test sheet by offset printing and one by laser printing. These two test sheets will be distributed to member federations to get for organisers, but it will take some months (April 2019) to get that out.