Plan and organise an IOF Event

Planning and organising an event is much dependent on the level of event. On this page you will only find generic templates and tools to help during this phase.
  • For detailed guidelines for your specific event type, please visit the specific page for your event type under DISCIPLINE/INTERNAL/EVENT ORGANISING/Organising "Event type"
  • For guidance around specific areas please go to the IOF/RESOURCES sections:

Generic Documents and templates


Embargoed Areas

The competition terrain shall normally be embargoed as soon as it is decided, normally at the time of appointment of an Event. If that is not possible, then arrangements for access to the terrain must be published as soon as possible. Embargoed areas are preferably presented, maintained and communicated according to the Guide "Embargoed Areas for IOF Events".

Event Adviser Expenses claim

Expenses Claim Form is found in the documents section. For SEAs appointed for an IOF Event, the IOF reimburses the travel costs related to the planned control visits in exchange for the appropriate receipts. The local organiser carries the costs for accommodation and transport during the visits and during the events. Any additional visits deemed necessary need to be approved by the IOF Office. Travel reimbursement is paid according to the cost of the most affordable way of travel. In order to collect your travel reimbursement, please fill in the IOF Expenses Claim form and return it to the IOF Office within one month after the visit, accompanied by the appropriate visit report. The IOF does not pay daily allowance for control visits. Should there be a specific need to travel by private car, please contact the IOF Office in advance (the reimbursement rate for private car transport is SEK 1.85/km, or equivalent in other currency).

Jury Guidelines

See guideline in the document section of this page.

Protocol Guide

IOF Protocol Guide

Start list creation

Start list creation is a time critical procedure that needs to tested and rehearsed before an event. The rules on start list creation is defined in the Competition rules and complementary information can be specified in Special Rules. IOF Eventor do only manage the basic entries for a competition and that data can be exported. IOF Eventor DO NOT have the logic and processes for creating the start list and it is a manual work that needs to be prepared outside IOF Eventor. Properly created start lists are imported to IOF Eventor after start list creation. For some support, IOF Rules commission, have created excel macros and guides on how to use them and these macros can be used for creation of start list for some IOF Events. See excel macros and corresponding guides in the document section of this page.

Cancelling a competition

See guideline in the document section of this page.

Complaint Protest Form

See form in the document section of this page.


There are no specific Bulletin template but reuse the most recent bulletins as a template for bulletin creation. What each bulletin should contain at a minimum is stated in the Competition Rules. Read more in the Administrative Resources.

Medals management

IOF Provides medals for IOF Events.
  • Normally, the medals is sent to the organiser at the latest at -1 month.
  • All medals, except World Cup medals, are sent without a hanger (ribbon) and the organiser must provide hangers.
  • World Cup medals are sent WITH a standard IOF hanger (ribbon)
Read more in the Administrative Resources.