How to become an IOF TrailO Event Adviser?

Thank you for showing interest in one of the most important roles for international orienteering! Below you can find information about how to become an accredited event adviser and also how you maintain your accreditation.

Requirements to become an IOF Event Adviser

  • Be an active and experienced Trail orienteer.
  • Have competed in Trail orienteering in countries other than your own.
  • Have successfully controlled or played a major part in the organisation of a major national or international orienteering events in the last 3 years.
  • Be competent in the English language.
  • Have attended, and have been an active participant in, an IOF Event Advisers’ Clinic
  • Be familiar with IOF publications:
    • Competition Rules for Trail Orienteering Events
    • International Specification for Orienteering Maps
    • IOF Control Descriptions

Accreditation process

  • Applicant fills in applicant information in the Accreditation form
  • Applicant sends the filled in Word form to applicant federation in an email. No signing necessary.
  • National Federation fills in application information and endorses the applicant by sending the word form in an email to IOF Office.
  • IOF Office and IOF Rules Commission process the application.

Event Adviser Accreditation form TrailO


New process since 2018-10-01

All current accredited Event Adviser , for all 4 disciplines, will have their accreditation extended until 2020-12-31. From 2021 there will be a new accreditation-period of four years, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024.

  •  The accreditation period will be four years, and a review will be done in autumn 2020 for re-accreditation of all Event Advisers to 2021-2024.
  • Event Advisers can withdraw their licence when they want – please send an email with this request to [email protected] with Name, IOF ID and reason for withdrawal.
  • IOF Member Federations can withdraw support for an Event Adviser when they want – please send an email with this request to [email protected] with Name, IOF ID and reason for withdrawal
  • No certificates will be sent out. The Accredited Event advisers are visible on the lists on IOF Web page.
  • Certificates will be visible in IOF Eventor during 2019.

Coming changes in 2019

IOF will during 2019 specify and implement changes in IOF Eventor to better support the Event Adviser management.
IOF Rules Commission will oversee the current process of keeping the Event Advisers and the Senior Event Advisers, continuously educated. Chair IOF Rules Commission, [email protected]