Overwhelming interest for IOF Idre Fjäll camp

The IOF received an overwhelming large number of applications for the IOF Training Camp at Idre Fjäll in august 2022. To be exact, there were applications for 85 participants, and now 23 spots have been selected and designated to 11 different nations.

The training camp is a result of IOF’s ambitions to support all national teams, therefore the camp is only open to teams not participating in World Games in July. This should be seen as a small step in equalizing the opportunities for the various national teams, as IOF recognizes the difference in training conditions among its member federations.

The training camp is arranged with support from Idre Fjäll, which is an important hub for orienteering in Scandinavia and has some very challenging terrain, was e.g. used at the 2021 World Cup Round 2.

The selection was based on different criteria with international merits being the most important, and furthermore IOF has prioritized to give a large number of countries access.

The applying member federations has been given direct information regarding the selection to the training camp, which takes place from 24th – 28th August.