1:10000 for long distance competitions

At its latest meeting in Helsinki, the IOF Council (after voting) approved the IOF Foot Orienteering Commission’s proposal regarding a test period for allowing the use of map scale 1:10000 for long distance competitions (in WRE and regional championships only).
– This has been on the cards for a long time. Finally, we believe we found the right process on how to transform reality into our rules, says Aron Less, chairperson in IOF Foot Orienteering Commission.

The map scale in long distance is a hot topic, and the IOF Foot Orienteering commission has had the topic on its agenda for long time. The commission has now decided to take a step forward, and the proposed test period is now approved by the IOF Council. The proposal is based on the work by a working group with members from the IOF Foot Orienteering Commission and IOF Map Commission, and the opinion of different stakeholders, including the IOF Foot Orienteering Athletes Commission.

The IOF Foot Orienteering Commission states;

  • 1:15000 is the preferable scale for long distance competitions
  • In detailed and steep terrain 1:10000 could be more suitable, and the use of 1:10000 should be more flexible than today.
  • There is a concern about organisers using 1:10000 more than necessary, since most maps are mapped in the bigger scale.

Based on the bullet points above the approved IOF Foot Orienteering Commission proposal about a test period for WRE competitions and regional championships starting now. The IOF Event Adviser for each event may approve 1:10000 map scale for long distance competitions if;

  • The mapping of the terrain cannot be correctly read at 1:15000.
  • If the terrain allows extreme route-choices with 1:15000, the recommendation is to stay with the smaller scale.

Evaluation based on the feedback from event advisers, organisers and stakeholders will be made after the test period (end of 2018).