World Orienteering Day well underway

Thousands will experience orienteering around the globe in the coming week as World Orientering Day was kicked off numerous places on Wednesday.

Around 500 locations have preregistered as events during World Orienteering Day, which runs from May 11 – 17 in 2022.

One of the first WOD-events held was a Wednesday Night Sprint in a suburb to Melbourne, Australia, (see photos) which gathered 55 participants – including runners, walkers and a bike rider.

There is still time to register your own event or find a WOD-event on the World Orienteering Day homepage, where you can find several WOD-offers from our partners.

World Orienteering Day is held for the sixth time and among the goals is increasing the visibility and accessibility for orienteering to young people and increasing the number of participants in both school and club activities.

Photos: Debbie Dodd