Men’s Middle Final: two medals for Norway, double gold for Lundanes

Olav Lundanes won his second gold medal of the Championships today with a hard-fought victory by 11 seconds over Sweden’s Gustav Bergman. Norwegian Magne Dæhli made it an excellent day for the home nation in taking the bronze, his first WOC individual medal.

Emil Svensk, Sweden occupied the leader settee for some considerable time after posting a time slightly faster than the planner’s estimate. We knew, however, that he had made some 45 seconds of mistakes, with leg 3-4 and control 16 causing problems – not just for him. Both Gustav Bergman and Olav Lundanes looked in good shape and very determined in their running, as did Magne Dæhli; he finished strongly to be 1 second faster than Svensk.

Bergman and Lundanes had very similar times and routes for much of the race, but in the final loop it was Lundanes who held his navigation together best, with Bergman making minor errors but significant in their context, and the win was comfortable in the end.

Both Lucas Basset, France and last starter Matthias Kyburz, Switzerland were in contention for the medals for a long period, Basset particularly impressing with his speed on several sections. Kyburz made a big mistake towards the end, however, and finished outside the top ten. France ended with two podium placings, Basset in fifth and Frederic Tranchand in sixth.

The last day of the Championships features the Relay, with the women’s race starting at 16.20 local time and the men’s at 18.30.

Leading results, men

  1. Olav Lundanes NOR 34:18
  2. Gustav Bergman SWE 34:29
  3. Magne Dæhli NOR 34:47
  4. Emil Svensk SWE 34:48
  5. Lucas Basset FRA 35:20
  6. Frederic Tranchand FRA 36:09

Official results