Hagström takes first World Cup win, as Fosser wins again

The time stood still for a while at the go-karting track in Østfold, Norway, when the women’s middle distance at the Orienteering World Cup was decided.

Sweden’s Sara Hagström had just taken a clear lead after the 4,8 kilometer course and waited anxiously to see teammate Tove Alexandersson’s time at the finish line.

Sara Hagström on her way to victory. Photo: Snorre Veggan

The seventeen-time world champion was leading until the last couple of controls, but Hagström’s strong finish secured her the win by 10 seconds. That’s Hagströms first international individual win.

The Swedish women had an impressive day with six athletes in top 10, but Natalia Gemperle (SUI) managed to squeeze herself in on the third place, six seconds ahead of Hanna Lundberg (SWE).

An hour earlier Kasper Fosser (NOR) had followed up on Thursday’s long distance win by taking another victory.

Kasper Fosser reads the map carefully during the middle distance. Photo: Snorre Veggan

The defending World Cup champion led through all the split times and had a margin of 16 seconds in the finish to Matthias Kyburz (SUI). Sweden’s Gustav Bergman was 14 seconds further behind and was third.

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Sunday the World Cup Round 1 ends with relays.

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Men’s relay begin at 13.05 and the women will head off at 15.00.

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Top 6 results:

  1. Sara Hagström, SWE 34.58 minutes
  2. Tove Alexandersson, SWE + 0.10 min.
  3. Natalia Gemperle, SUI + 0.51 min.
  4. Hanna Lundberg, SWE +0.57 min.
  5. Simona Aebersold, SUI +1.31 min.
  6. Marika Teini, FIN + 1.45 min.


  1. Kasper Fosser, NOR 33.55 minutes
  2. Matthias Kyburz, SUI +0.16 min.
  3. Gustav Bergman, SWE +0.30 min.
  4. Emil Svensk, SWE +1.42 min.
  5. Olli Ojananho, FIN +1.46 min.
  6. Lucas Basset, FRA +1.48 min.