IOF Anti-Doping FAQ

Athlete whereabouts, ADAMS, out-of-competition testing


How do I report orienteering trainings in ADAMS?

Orienteers do not have to report single trainings in ADAMS. You can set the location descriptor “training location” as not applicable. As reason you can write “training locations vary”. If you are going to a training camp, you should give the accommodation as your daily residence.

I don’t know the exact address of the competition event centre. What should I do?

You should always, when possible, give the website address of the competition, in addition to the street address. If you do not know the street address of the event centre, the website may guide the Doping Control Officers to the place.

If I want to send my whereabouts changes via sms, how should the sms look like?

You should first test the function in ADAMS. When you have tested it, you can start sending whereabouts changes via sms. In the sms, please write the date and all the details that change. Remember to write whether the changes apply to the daily residence or to the one-hour testing slot or both. Example: “24 May 2010, new daily residence: Radiokatu 20, Helsinki, Finland. New testing slot at 6-7 AM at the daily residence.” More detailed instructions:  ADAMS_SMS_Function_English (a page from the ADAMS User Guide by WADA).

My doorbell is broken, what shall I do?

Please write a note in your whereabouts telling the doping control officers what they should do if they are not able to reach you at your home (“knock on the window”, for example).

I’m afraid I cannot hear my doorbell if I sleep, what should I do?

Please write a note in your whereabouts pointing this out. (“Please ring the doorbell several times. I might be asleep.”)

If the Doping Control Officer cannot find me, will they call my mobile phone?

The Doping Control Officers will never call you. Please make sure the whereabouts details are up-to-date and so exact that the officers will find you. Otherwise you risk getting a Missed Test.

I have forgotten my password.

Please use the link “forgotten password” on the ADAMS homepage. If you do not get an email from ADAMS, this means you have not registered your email address in ADAMS, or you have registered another address than the one you now use. In that case please contact the IOF Anti-Doping Officer to get a new password.

I cannot log into ADAMS.

Please check the following issues:

-Are you using the right address: ?

-Try using another browser. ADAMS should work with Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.5 or higher; Netscape Version 6.0 or higher; AOL V 7.0; or Mozilla Firefox, but sometimes changing to another browser helps.

-You must allow pop-up windows for ADAMS. In Internet Explorer: In “Tools” menu, select “Pop-up Blocker Settings” and add to your “Allowed sites” list. In Mozilla Firefox: Select “Tools” -> “Options”. When the “Options” dialog box appears, select the “Content” page. Ensure “Block pop-up windows” is checked. Next to it, click the “Exceptions” button. An “Allowed Sites – Popups” dialog will appear. Enter in under “Address of web site” and click “Allow”.

-Do you have the right password? If you give the wrong password three times in a row, ADAMS will lock itself. Please use the “forgot password” link on the ADAMS homepage, or send an email to the IOF Anti-Doping Officer, and they will reset your password.

If you still cannot log in, please contact the IOF Anti-Doping Officer immediately.

Why do we have to submit whereabouts?

Given that out-of-competition doping controls can be conducted without notice to athletes, they are one of the most powerful means of deterrence and detection of doping and an important step in strengthening athlete and public confidence in doping-free sport.

Why am I (not) in the IOF Registered Testing Pool? How is the Testing Pool created?

The inclusion of athletes in the IOF Registered Testing Pool (RTP) is based on performance in the World Championships and position in the World Ranking. The IOF’s RTP is constantly reviewed and updated and athletes can be notified for inclusion in, or removal from, the RTP at any time.