Fosser wins tight battle in World Cup Long distance, Alexandersson victorious in Swedish fight

The defending Orienteering World Cup champions, Tove Alexandersson (SWE) and Kasper Fosser (NOR) took an important step in their title defence, when the 2023 World Cup season started with a long distance in Østfold, Norway on Thursday.

In terrain very similar to the WOC 2019-races, where Alexandersson won both the Middle, Long and Relay, the eight time overall World Cup-winner picked up where she left off four years ago.

Tove Alexandersson on her way to the victory. Photo: Terje W. Pettersen

Apart from the first controls, Tove Alexandersson led the women’s class all the way through the 12 kilometers and kept fellow Swede Sara Hagström behind her to finish nearly a minute in front.

Sara Hagström was less than a minute behind Tove Alexandersson. Photo: Terje W. Pettersen

Norway’s Marie Olaussen was nearly five minutes behind, but her time proved to be fast enough for the third place.

The men’s class turned out to be a nail-biter in two rounds. First, Martin Regborn (SWE) came to the finish with a clear lead. Minutes later, compatriot Emil Svensk beat him by just six seconds after nearly 90 minutes and 15 kilometers in the forest.

Emil Svensk was second – just three seconds behind winner Kasper Fosser. Photo: Terje W. Pettersen

Last starter Kasper Fosser was half a minute behind the fast Swedes most of the course but managed to turn on the turbo on the very last controls to take the victory by three seconds.

Kasper Fosser on his way to victory. Photo: Terje W. Pettersen

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After a well-deserved day of rest, Saturday is time for Middle distance from the same arena at the go-karting track.

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Top 6 results:

  1. Tove Alexandersson, SWE 82.07 min.
  2. Sara Hagström, SWE + 0.55 min.
  3. Marie Olaussen, NOR + 4.43 min.
  4. Andrine Benjaminsen, NOR + 6.20 min.
  5. Marika Teini, FIN + 7.01 min.
  6. Natalia Gemperle, SUI + 7.45 min.


  1. Kasper Fosser, NOR 88.06 minutes
  2. Emil Svensk, SWE + 0.03 min.
  3. Martin Regborn, SWE + 0.09 min.
  4. Matthias Kyburz, SUI + 2.20 min.
  5. Joey Hadorn, SUI + 3.12 min.
  6. Ruslan Glibov, UKR + 3.18 min.