Double gold for Czechia at the JWOC long distance

The margins in the women’s class were turned around on today’s long distance at JWOC in Romania. Lucie Dittrichova (CZE) took the victory one second ahead of Swiss Henriette Radzikowski, who took the gold on the middle distance only four seconds faster than today’s winner. Czech Jakub Chaloupsky secured a double victory for his country on the tough and demanding long distance, with a victory margin of more than three minutes in the men’s class.

Lucie Dittrichova took her second medal at the championships in Romania, and this time the seconds were on her side. After almost an hour of running, only one second seperated gold and silver medalists, while norweigan Pia Young Vik took her fourth medal at this year’s JWOC, and a second bronze medal on todays long distance, 1:05 minutes behind Dittrichova.


The competition was not nearly as close in the men’s class, where the silver medalist on the middle distance, Jakub Chaloupsky won the long distance with 3:08 minutes in a time of 71:20 minutes, almost making it to the estimated winning time of 70 minutes.

Last year’s winner of the JWOC long distance in Portugal, Noel Braun from Sweden, took the silver medal today, 46 seconds ahead of Swiss Pascal Schaerer in bronze medal position.

As a first time at the championships, Poland was represented on the podium after the long distance, with a 6th place in both the men’s and women’s classes.

All results, GPS-tracking, maps and photos from today’s JWOC long distance can be found via IOF Live.


Long distance results

1. Lucie Dittrichova (CZE)
2. Henriette Radzikowski (SUI) +00:01
3. Pia Young Vik (NOR) +01:05
4. Mathea Gløersen (NOR) +01:16
5. Eeva Liina Ojanaho (FIN) +01:54
6. Hanna Sudol (POL) +03:43

1. Jakub Chaloupsky (CZE)
2. Noel Braun (SWE) +03:08
3. Pascal Schaerer (SUI) +03:52
4. Matthieu Buehrer (SUI) +04:30
5. Zefa Faavae (NZL) +04:34
6. Stanislaw Pachnik (POL) +07:22


Photos: IOF / Camilla Bevensee