World Cup 2019 begins!

Welcome to Helsinki and the start of World Cup 2019!

Helsinki will host the first World Cup Rund in 2019 with a Middle, Case start and a Sprint Relay competition. All 3 competitions will be covered with full TV broadcast on Web-TV. Save the dates!

Broadcasters with rights:

  • YLE Finland
  • International Orienteering Federation – Web-TV – Global

Orienteering World Cup 2019 TV Broadcasts

World Cup Round 1,

Helsinki Finland, June

8th Middle
9th Chase start
11th Sprint Relay

World Orienteering Championships

Oestfold Norway, August

14th Long
16th Middle
17th Relay

World Cup Round 3

Laufen Switzerland, September

27th Middle
28th Knock-out sprint
29th Sprint

World Cup Final

Guangdong China, October

26th Sprint
27th Sprint Relay
29th Middle