2024 Finnish Relay League premieres in IOF TV on Friday

The spring really comes to Finland on Friday evening when the 2024 Finnish Relay League kicks off in the southwestern corner of the country.

Kevätyönviesti is the first of seven rounds of the league in 2024, where Tampereen Pyrintö are defending champions in both women’s and men’s classes from last year.

The three-leg relays take place in the forests west of Pargas and will include a considerable amount of night orienteering.

You will be able to follow both relays from 19.25 to 23.55 EEST (UTC+3) on IOF TV, where Jonas Merz takes care of the English commentary.

The tickets are 6 EUR and include both races.

If you buy the 10Mila broadcast for 25 EUR, you will get access to Kevätyönviesti for free.

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Photo: Viestiliiga on Facebook