WUSOC2018: Sprint Relay win for Norway

Anna Ulvensøen and Jørgen Haugen Madslien, Norway won the Sprint Relay at the 2nd FISU World University Ski Orienteering Championships in Haanja, Estonia.
Silver and bronze medals went to two Russian teams.
Vladislav Kiselev and Marina Viatkina, from the 2nd Russian team finished in the second place, 36 seconds behind the Norway.
Maria Petrushko and Sergei Gorlanov, Russia 1 won bronze medals, finished 1 minute 35 seconds behind the winners.


  1. Norway 1 (Anna Ulvensøen, Jørgen Haugen Madslien) 41:56
  2. Russia 2 (Marina Viatkina, Vladislav Kiselev) 42:32
  3. Russia 1 (Maria Petrushko, Sergei Gorlanov) 43:31
  4. Norway 2 (Evine Westli Andersen, Audun Heimdal) 43:32
  5. Sweden 1 (Hanna Isabel Salen, Sixten Olof Vilhelm Walheim) 44:56
  6. Czech Republic 1 (Petra Hancova, Petr Horvat) 45:39
  7. Finland 1 (Sanna Pusa, Samuli Schroderus) 45:48
  8. Finland 2 (Noora Raisanen, Jyri Uusitalo) 46:21

Women’s GPS replay (legs 1,3,5).

Men’s GPS replay  (legs 2,4,6).


Tomorrow is a rest day at the championships and the competitions will continue on a Saturday with the Pursuit race.