WUSOC2018 Sprint: gold to Anna Ulvensøen and Sergei Gorlanov

Anna Ulvensøen, Norway and Sergei Gorlanov, Russia won today’s Sprint race at the FISU World University Ski Orienteering Championships with winning margins of 30 and 3 seconds respectively.

Ulvensøen took a strong lead right from the start and left no chances to beat her to the rivals. A fight for the silver and bronze medals was more intense with only 5 seconds separating second and fourth places.

Estonian Daisy Kudre took silver today, overtaking the Russian Maria Petrushko only by 3 seconds.

In the men’s class first two places went to Russia. Sergei Gorlanov confirmed his championships’ favourite status and won the first gold medal. Vladislav Kiselev started a race slower and was trailing in 4th place, more than 20 seconds behind a leader at the radio control. Kiselev fought back in the last part of the race and finished second, only 3 seconds behind Gorlanov. Jørgen Haugen Madslien, Norway finished only 7 seconds behind Gorlanov, and won bronze.


Women, 4,2 km 8 KP

1.      Anna Ulvensøen, NOR 14:48

2.      Daisy Kudre, EST 15:18

3.      Maria Petrushko, RUS 15:21

4.      Marina Viatkina, RUS 15:22

5.      Anastasia Neverova, RUS 15:31

6.      Evine Westli Andersen, NOR 15:34

6.      Hanna Isabel Salen, SWE 15:34

8.      Petra Hancova, CZE 15:46

Men, 4,9 km 11 KP

1.      Sergei Gorlanov, RUS 14:48

2.      Vladislav Kiselev, RUS 14:51

3.     Jørgen Haugen Madslien, NOR 14:55

4.      Samuli Schroderus, FIN 15:12

5.      Jyri Uusitalo, FIN 15:33

6.      Sergey Shalin, RUS 15:36

7.      Petr Horvat, CZE 16:03

8.      Sixten Olof Vilhelm Walheim, SWE 16:03


Women’s GPS replay.

Men’s GPS replay.