WSOC2021 Sprint Relay: gold for Trapeznikova and Lamov

Alena Trapeznikova and Andrey Lamov – World Ski Orienteering Champions 2021 in Sprint Relay! Neutral athletes finished just ahead of Swedish and Estonian teams in a final straight sprint.

Sweden’s second team – Lisa Larsen and Erik Blomgren – won silver madals.

Bronze medals went to hosting nation – Daisy Kudre and Mattis Jaama.

Interview with Andrey Lamov, where he summarizes Sprint Relay and his overall performance in the championships:

Top6 Results

1.      Neutral athletes (Andrey Lamov, Alena Trapeznikova) 42:34

2.      Sweden (Lisa Larsen, Erik Blomgren) 42:35

3.      Estonia (Daisy Kudre, Mattis Jaama) 42:36

4.      Norway (Anna Ulvensoen, Audun Heimdal) 44:05

5.      Finland (Salla Koskela, Misa Tuomala) 44:32

6.      Czech Republic (Petra Hancova, Jakub Skoda) 46:11

Results, GPS tracking and replay of web-tv broadcast could be found on Live Orienteering here.

It was the last race of the 24th World Ski Orienteering Championships in Kääriku, Otepää, Estonia.