World TrailO Championships: Sweden and Norway win Relays

Sweden won the Paralympic class in the WTOC Relay, 30 seconds clear of the Czech Republic with Russia third. The Open class win went to Norway, 34 seconds better than home country Latvia.

It was a hot day for the Relay, but there was plenty of forest cover on the courses. Each team had three legs of ten controls each, the team deciding who took which; only Denmark in the Open class had the full 30 controls correct. In both classes the winners were also the favourites, but the Latvian team – not the strongest possible by far because the best Latvia Trail Orienteers were organising the event – really came good and took the Open silver medals, to great jubilation from all the Latvian organisers.

This was the last day of a very well organised Championships, with good maps, courses and facilities.

Leading Relay results

Paralympic class

  1. SWE (Inga Gunnarsson, Michael Johansson, Ola Jansson) 453 seconds
  2. CZE (Pavel Dudik, Bohuslav Hulka, Jana Kostova) 483
  3. RUS (Dmitriy Dokuchaev, Nataliia Salakhova, Pavel Shmatov) 645
  4. FIN 692, 5. UKR 741, 6. LTU 859.5

Open class

  1. NOR (Lars Jakob Waaler, Geir Mhyr Øien, Sondre Ruud Bråten) 285
  2. LAT (Kristaps Mierlauks, Laura Eliza Lapina, Ilze Lapina) 319
  3. FIN (Pinja Mäkinen, Sami Hyvonen, Antti Rusanen) 334
  4. CZE 345.5, 5. SLO 354.5, 6. UKR  360