World TrailO Championships Relay: Double for Czech Republic

The Relay event in Poland was a huge success for the Czech athletes, who won both the O (Open) and P (Physically Challenged) classes today. Defending O class champions Finland were unable to make the top six.

Scores were very close, and Finland’s loss was due to just one small mistake. But great credit goes to the winners; the average age of the O class team is 22 and two of the team of three are still Juniors.

Open class silver medalists were Italy, and the bronze medals went to the Slovakia team.

Hot in the forest today  Photos: Natasza Frigiel

The medals order in the P class at the end was Czech Republic, Spain, Ukraine. Every competitor in each class had to do a PreO round of 13 controls and then two TempO stations. The last leg athletes did the TempO stations in reverse order of standings, and in front of spectators who could see if anwers were wrong or right via hand signals. It was a very hot day in some quite hilly terrain, including an attractive Japanese garden.

Tomorrow is the TempO competition, with Qualification in the morning and Final in the afternoon.

Leading results

P Class

  1. CZE (Hana Dolezalova, Pavel Dudik, Jana Kostova) 761 secs
  2. ESP (Miguel Angel Garcia Grinda, Juan Emilo Montero Sanchez, Alejandro Aguilar Lara) 789
  3. UKR (Iryna Kulykova, Vladyslav Vovk, Valerii Lytvynov) 888
  4. ITA, 5. POL, 6. GBR

O Class

  1. CZE (Daniel Locker, Ondrej Macek, Pavel Ptacek) 351
  2. ITA (Alessio Tenani, Marcello Lambertini, Aaron Gaio) 385
  3. SVK (Jan Furucz, Simon Mizur, Pavel Bukovac) 393
  4. POL, 5. NOR, 6. SWE