World Rankings – a double lead for Tove Alexandersson

As a new orienteering season is approaching fast, with early World Ranking Events just around the corner and a few of them already over, it’s time to overview the World Ranking Lists for all the orienteering disciplines.

Orienteering (Middle/Long) World Ranking

The women’s field is led by triple World Orienteering Champion 2017 and overall World Cup 2017 winner Tove Alexandersson, Sweden with 5900 points. Natalia Gemperle, Russia is second with 5861 points and another Swede Helena Bergman with 5722 points is third.

Olav Lundanes of Norway leads the men’s ranking with 5892 points, 42 points ahead of Matthias Kyburz and 62 points ahead of Daniel Hubmann, both Switzerland.

The Orienteering World Ranking List includes 1,416 female athletes from 48 countries and 2,457 male athletes from 58 different countries.

Sprint Orienteering World Ranking

Three Sprint gold medals in the last three World Orienteering Championships – so no surprise that the most successful Sprint Orienteering athlete of recent years leads the women’s Sprint Orienteering Rankings. Maja Alm, Denmark with 5900 points is far ahead of Judith Wyder, Switzerland (5686 points), who missed the entire 2017 season due to maternity leave, and Galina Vinogradova, Russia (5607 points).

The men’s ranking is led by Jerker Lysell, Sweden with 5880 points. Matthias Kyburz of Switzerland is only 4 points behind and Daniel Hubmann, Switzerland with 5770 points is currently third.

The Sprint Orienteering World Ranking List includes 1,294 female athletes from 47 countries and 2,020 male athletes from 57 different nations.

Ski Orienteering World Ranking

Tove Alexandersson, Sweden with 7350 points leads the women’s rankings for the second year in succession, 144 points ahead of Mariya Kechkina, Russia and 421 points ahead of another Russian, Alena Trapeznikova.

Andrey Lamov, Russia won all three Ski Orienteering World Cup Round 1 races in the 2017-2018 season and leads the men’s ranking with 7323 points. Erik Rost, Sweden with 7234 points is second and Kirill Veselov, Russia with 7218 points, third.

The Ski Orienteering World Ranking List includes 232 female athletes from 23 different nations and 372 male athletes from 26 countries.

Mountain Bike Orienteering World Ranking

Olga Shipilova Vinogradova, Russia leads the women’s ranking with 5913 points. Only 13 points behind, Briton Emily Benham Kvåle sits second and Martina Tichovska of the Czech Republic with 5870 points is in third position.

In the men’s field, competition is very tight with only 7 points separating the top 3 athletes. Two Russian athletes lead the ranking: Grigory Medvedev with 5881 points is only 5 points ahead of Anton Foliforov. Third is Krystof Bogar, Czech Republic, only 7 points behind the leader.

The Mountain Bike Orienteering World Ranking List includes 147 female athletes from 24 countries and 251 male athletes from 26 different countries.

2018 – a first year for Trail Orienteering rankings

Starting with the 2018 season, Trail Orienteering athletes will also have an official World Ranking List!

The first world ranking points to the athletes will be awarded at the beginning of February 2018 at the Egypt International Trail Orienteering Championships 2018 in Alexandria.

Number of ranked athletes, 1st January 2018

Number of ranked athletes by continents, 1st January 2018