World Orienteering Day begins Wednesday

In the coming days, thousands of people will experience the joy and challenges of orienteering as the World Orienteering Day takes place for the seventh time.

Around 600 events in total from Yukon, Canada over Luanda, Angola to Tasmania, Australia have already registrered to be part of WOD, that runs from May 17 – 23 this year.

Any orienteering activity in that period can register and it is also possible to do so after the event has taken place.

Visit the World Orienteering Day homepage to register your own WOD event or find an event near you.

You can even find a number of special offers from WOD’s partners there: Enrich Education, Sportident, Sign Sport and OCAD.

The vision of World Orienteering Day is to increase the visibility and accessibility of orienteering to young people and increase the participation in both school and club activities around the world.

In 2016 the first World Orienteering Day was held with more than 250.000 participants.

Photo: Sportident