World Orienteering Day 2019 final result

The registration has closed and the final figures for this year’s World Orienteering Day are in.

Orienteers in as many as 85 different regions and countries have organised 2202 events for athletes, enthusiasts, friends and beginners. In total, 398 268 people participated in this year’s World Orienteering Day, an increase of almost 50 000 from last year. Many children have held a map for the first time, and we hope many have found an activity to accompany them through life.

The  goals of WOD is to increase the visibility and accessibility of orienteering to young people, to increase the number of participants both in school and club activities, to help teachers to implement orienteering in a fun and educational way and and to get more new countries to take part in orienteering. The ever increasing number of participants and the wide spread of events is testament to the success of the project and its potential to leave a lasting impact on the orienteering world.

If you have five minutes to spare today, go to the World Orienteering Day website and browse the map of activities from around the world. Many have uploaded pictures and maps, and it is a treat to see all the creativity and joy that has been poured into organising these events. Maybe you will get some inspiration for your own event for WOD 2020?