World Cup 2022: Clear winners, but Finals bring changes in top six

Before these two individual races in Davos, Tove Alexandersson and Kasper Fosser were close to assuring themselves of first place and €5000 in prize money, and both achieved this with a race to spare. They have both had quite outstanding seasons; nothing new for Alexandersson, of course, who at 30 years old is still in her prime, whilst Fosser is just 23 and still improving.

There was much to compete for in the two individual races in Switzerland, with prize money down to sixth place. Two athletes in the top six prior to Switzerland did not compete here: Venla Harju, Finland who was placed third in the World Cup standings beforehand and Matthias Kyburz, Switzerland (fifth) – he could be seen on crutches nursing a foot injury.

In the women’s final list Harju has dropped to sixth. The success story is Andrine Benjaminsen, Norway rising from sixth to third, as a result of achieving second place on both individual days. She will surely be winning some major titles before long. Lina Strand, Sweden and Marika Teini, Finland remain fourth and fifth overall.

Kasper Fosser plus Martin Regborn and Gustav Bergman, both Sweden, retain their positions one to three, despite neither Regborn nor Bergman having specially good performances in Switzerland. Eskil Kinneberg, Norway drops out of the top six together with Robertson and Kyburz, and are replaced by three athletes who have shown real class in Switzerland – Emil Svensk, Sweden, Daniel Hubmann, Switzerland and Olli Ojanaho, Finland.

Daniel Hubmann’s World Cup Final 3 days have been phenomenal. He gave the Swiss team the best possible start on the first leg in the relay, took third place in the Middle race just 51 seconds slower than Kasper Fosser, and has crowned the lot with his fantastic Long Distance victory. Now in his fortieth year, he shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

In the Team World Cup, where both relay and individual performance count for points, Sweden were outstanding this season and ended with a huge lead. Switzerland’s strong performance on home ground, winning both relays and producing strong individual performances at some depth, brought them above Norway in this round to take overall second place. Finland were fourth, followed by Czechia.

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Individual World Cup standings – final top six

Women                                                      Men                                                          Prize money

  1. Tove Alexandersson SWE 452,    1. Kasper Harlem Fosser NOR  382           € 5000
  2. Simona Aebersold SUI 362,         2. Martin Regborn SWE  247                       € 2000
  3. Andrine Benjaminsen NOR 281, 3. Gustav Bergman SWE  231                      € 1000
  4. Lina Strand SWE 237,                   4. Emil Svensk SWE  214                              € 600
  5. Marika Teini FIN 206                   5. Daniel Hubmann SUI  213                       € 500
  6. Venla Harju FIN 194                     6. Olli Ojanaho FIN  190                              € 400