WOC 2027 kick off meeting held in Budapest

Earlier in February, the Hungarian Orienteering Federation, the local organizers and IOF held a press conference and a kick off meeting ahead of the World Orienteering Championships in 2027, that takes place in forests around Vezprem, Hungary in three years.

From left: Balázs Kovács, President of the Hungarian Orienteering Federation, Henrik Eliasson, CEO of IOF and Attila Varsányi, representative of the organising club, Veszprém Honvéd Sports Club.

In addition to the focus on WOC 2027, information was shared about the other major events that Hungary will host in the coming time: European Orienteering Championships in less than half a year and the World Trail Orienteering Championships (together with Slovakia) in 2025.

All contracts for these events are signed and the work of organising them have already begun.

“Hungary has been hosting important international orienteering events many times in the past, and their long term strategy of building and transfer knowledge through major events internally is impressive. One major goal for this upcoming period is to reach out with the sport on a wider basis in Hungary through live TV coverage. In the coming years the results from the effort of the Hungarian Federation and the organising clubs will be visible to the rest of the world. We really look forward to this, says IOF CEO, Henrik Eliasson.

During the meeting that took place in the Hungarian House of Sports in Budapest, IOF Council member László Zentai was awarded a distinction by the Hungarian Federation for his many years of work in IOF’s Council and commissions.

László Zentai and IOF CEO, Henrik Eliasson.