WMTBOC2019 Mass-Start: fourth gold for Benham Kvåle, Czechs dominated men’s race

The World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships resumed with Mass-Start race on Friday in Denmark. Mass-Start was penultimate and the last individual race of the championships.

In the men’s class, the Czech riders dominated the race and won all three medals. Jiri Hradil won his first individual WMTBOC gold in a tight finish sprint, finished only 1 second ahead of Krystof Bogar and 2 seconds ahead of Vojtech Stransky. The Russian athletes took the rest three places on the podium.

In the women’s class, the British Emily Benham Kvåle took a lead straight out of the start and kept her lead till the finish line. The Danish Camilla Soegaard finished only 6 seconds behind in a silver medal position, and the Russian Anastasiya Svir won bronze. Benham Kvåle won all individual races and 4 gold medals at the WMTBOC2019.

Interview with Emily Benham Kvåle and Jiri Hradil:



1. Emily Benham Kvåle (GBR) 61:50

2. Camilla Soegaard (DEN) 61:56

3. Anastasiya Svir (RUS) 62:00

4. Nadia Larsson (SWE) 62:01

5. Marika Hara (FIN) 62:04

6. Antonia Haga (FIN) 62:49


1. Jiri Hradil (CZE) 60:09

2. Krystof Bogar (CZE) 60:10

3. Vojtech Stransky (CZE) 60:11

4. Anton Foliforov (RUS) 60:40

5. Valeriy Glukhov (RUS) 60:43

6. Grigory Medvedev (RUS) 60:44

The Danish Nikoline Splittorff and Thomas Steinthal were fastest in junior classes and won their second golds at the championships.

Men Junior

1. Thomas Steinthal (DEN) 49:06

2. Jan Hasek (CZE) 49:13

3. Danil Buzovkin (RUS) 49:14

4. Juha Lilja (FIN) 49:34

5. Noah Rieder (SUI) 50:52

6. Jason Bedry (FRA) 51:40

Women Junior

1. Nikoline Splittorff (DEN) 49:06

2. Vilma Kralova (CZE) 50:10

3. Kaarina Nurminen (FIN) 52:20

4. Alena Aksenova (RUS) 53:08

5. Lena Schnetz (AUT) 53:25

6. Lucie Rudkiewicz (FRA) 53:31