WMOC 2023 begins Saturday in Košice, Slovakia

Over the course of the next seven days, nearly 3300 athletes from 43 different nations will race for World Masters Orienteering Championships medals in and around Košice, Slovakia.

WMOC in Slovakia was originally scheduled for 2020 but was just like many other events postponed due to the pandemic.

There are five races ahead of the WMOC-athletes:

A sprint qualification and sprint final in Košice city on Saturday and Sunday ahead of the forest qualification, middle final and long final on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday respectively.

Forest qualification and middle distance take place in typical continental terrain north of Košice rich in details originating from landslides and erosion of terrain.

The long distance will be run in the karst landscape in Slovenský Kras National Park southwest of Košice and promises a big challenge on the last day of the championships.

Košice and its surroundings is no beginner when it comes to hosting major orienteering events as both Junior and University World Championships has been held there earlier.

Find start lists and results on the WMOC 2023 homepage