WMOC 2022-organizers keep low entry fee through April

The organisers of WMOC 2022 have announced that the February 15th date for entry fee increase has been postponed until April 30th. The fee for both Sprint and Forest races remains at 160 € until April 30th therefore.

The IOF Senior Event Adviser David May (GBR) says: “I fully support this change. With COVID 19 restrictions constantly changing, many potential competitors are waiting until things become clearer before entering. This change does not penalise anyone financially and allows more time in which to make a decision.”

He also adds: “I’ve been contacted by quite a few fellow orienteers asking about weather conditions and about travel in and around the Event Centre of Vieste. As Senior Event Adviser, I need to be satisfied that the WMOC meets the needs of the competitors, and I wish to report that I am happy that it will do so.”

“The average maximum temperature in Vieste in early July is 26C – very nice for holiday-making on the coast but rather warm for running. So the Sprint races will be held in the early morning when it is cooler. The forest races will be held on the Gargano plateau where, at around 800 m altitude, it is some 4C to 5C cooler than in Vieste, and 100% tree cover will provide plenty of shade too.”

“Limited parking at the races mean that most competitors will be bussed to and from the venues. Whilst bussing has been an afterthought at some previous WMOCs, it has been a major priority for the organising team here and a great deal of preparation has already gone into planning it. I feel sure that competitors will appreciate bussing “taking the strain” rather than going by car.”

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