Wild Cards for WTOC 2022

According to the rules, please se rule §6.6 for full details, the following persons has qualified for a personal Wild Card to participate in addition to a country’s normal quota.

PreO O-class and TempO:

Name Country
Antti Rusanen Finland
Pinja Mäkinen Finland
Ján Furucz Slovakia
Jacek Wieszaczewski Poland
Marcello Lambertini Italy
Lars Jakob Waaler Norway
Arno Grønhovd Norway
Alessio Tenani Italy
Robertas Stankevic Lithuania


PreO P-class:

Name Country
Pekka Seppä Finland
Jana Kostová Czech Republic
Piergiorgio Zancanaro Italy
Graham Urquhart Great Britain
Fabio Bortolami Italy
Vladyslav Vovk Ukraine
Valerii Lytvynov Ukraine
Michael Johansson Sweden
Tuomo Markelin Finland
Pavel Dudík Czech Republic
Ola Jansson Sweden
Svein Jakobsen Norway