The Orienteering World Cup is stepping up!

The World Cup 2020 will be very exciting! The programme includes 7 individual races and two relays. While the World Championship is sprint focused, the World Cup consists of a mix of disciplines.

The programme looks as follows;

New Bulletins for all three rounds have been published on Eventor:

World Cup Round 1

World Cup Round 2

World Cup Round 3

The standard of the races will be high and the ambition is to reach World Championship standard for all races.

Special Rules for Orienteering World Cup 2020 are published here

The Cup will be decided by simple rules; all races count and the points are added together. Points are divided as previously, being 100 points to winner and scaling down to 1 point for the 40th placed runner.

1st place 100 points
2nd place 80 points
3rd place 60 points
4th place 50 points
5th place 45 points
6th place 40 points
7th place 37 points
8th place 35 points
9th place 33 points
10th place 31 points
11th place 30 points
12th place 29 points
40th place 1 point


The maximum number of participants a country can send to each of the races is;

  • The top 6 nations get 8 places.
  • The next 8 nations get 6 places.
  • All other nations get 4 places

The list of countries in each category is based on ranking by the end of year and will be published 1st January.

Prize money is heavily increased to the following;
1st place:            EUR 4 000
2nd place:          EUR 2 000
3rd place:           EUR 1 000
4th place:           EUR    600
5th place:           EUR    500
6th place:           EUR    400

Prize money for the individual races is also considerably higher than previously.

Most, if not all, races will be TV-broadcast in several countries. Details are not ready, but it is likely that we will see more TV coverage than ever before in several countries. More news will be published soon, don´t miss out!