The IOF is looking for business partners – attractive reward at stake

Orienteering is growing!

Besides the geographical expansion, we are growing in media and audience attention. We have over the past couple of years seen an increasing interest from TV and initiatives are taken by TV-broadcasters and international media groups to further expand broadcast services.

“The increased attention creates new possibilities to support our partners in building brands”, says Jorgen Hector, Brand Manager at International Orienteering Federation. “We have a lot to offer!”, continues Jorgen. “As the situation is new, we are looking for new partners”.

The new partners should have an international interest, probably with the Nordic countries and central Europe among its target markets. The values should be related to what orienteering stands for; sustainable, ethical, inclusive.

IOF is now reaching out for support to connect to potential new partners. Suggestions are appreciated and leads leading to a substantial contract will be rewarded.

The challenge

Send your suggestion for new partners to IOF. Any suggestion is appreciated but the ones with assistance in connecting to the decision makers are particularly worthful.

Any assistance leading to a substantial contract with a new partner will be rewarded with a trip for two to a World Cup race, accommodation included. For being considered, the suggestion should include insights, contacts or assistance that goes beyond public knowledge. Examples of rewardable support could be to set up a discussion with a decision maker or information about companies actively searching for sports partners.

Send your suggestion to: