Swedish Orienteering Federations opens up Eventor for IOF Member Federations

The Orienteering Event and Member management system Eventor has been used by Sweden for 10 years. In 2011, Norway purchased the system followed by Australia in 2013. In 2014 the development of IOF Eventor started and in early 2015 IOF Eventor was released. Swedish orienteering federation have now released an “Eventor World” system in cooperation with IOF. The purpose with Eventor World is to offer an “easy to implement” edition of Eventor for IOF Federations.

The first Federation to use Eventor World is Orienteering Association of Hong Kong. Hong Kong has been active in the development of the system and the Eventor Hong Kong is in production since the beginning of February.

Jonas Ekvall, system owner at Swedish Orienteering:
– The idea of Eventor World has been around for a couple of years, but it wasn’t until 2019 that we had the time and resources to develop the product. Eventor World is based on the same reliable and proven code base as other existing Eventor instances. With ten years of experience we dare say that the product offers all the necessary functions a federation needs to manage the events, clubs and members.

The driving requirements in the development of Eventor World have been that the product must be able to handle several nations in parallel, while at the same time each nation should experience that it has a tailor-made system (club and member register, competition calendar, logotype, language, currency etc.).

– It is our belief that the product we are now releasing has the balance between simplicity and flexibility that we have been striving for, while offering all the necessary features at a very advantageous price.

Eventor World is leased on annual basis and delivery time from order to delivered product is about a week.

David Wästlund, Sport Administrator and IOF Eventor System Owner:
– The main driver from IOF has been to make sure that the Eventor World will be a good option for small to mid-size member federations to manage their orienteering events. Swedish orienteering Federation has agreed to base the system service fees on IOF Membership group categories. Hopefully, several members federations will find this offer suitable and cost effective. It might also open up for regions to develop if several federations use the same concept and it makes the national calendar more accessible and transparent for ‘external’, foreign, orienteers.”

Eventor World Info


  • Customized looks
  • Multiple Language support
  • Federation, Clubs and Members management
  • Event schedule/calendar
  • Event management: Event info; Entries and Results

Link to info page: https://eventorworld.org/

Link to Hong Kong Setup in Eventor World: https://hongkong.eventorworld.org

If your federation would like to test or if you have more questions, please contact Jonas Ekvall on Jonas email: jonas.ekvall@orientering.se.

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