Sweden and Norway win World Cup Relay

Sweden and Norway were on top in the Relay at the World Cup Round 3/pre-WOC in Norway. The Swedish women were never threatened by any other team during the Relay. The men’s race was exciting to the very end and was decided only at the last few controls, with the Norwegian last leg runner Magne Daehli’s ice cold finish bringing his team to victory ahead of the two Swedish teams on his tail.

The whole Swedish team has performed very well on the World Cup Round 3/pre-WOC in Norway. The concluding Relay wasn’t any different. In the women’s Relay, Sweden was in the lead through the entire competition. Lina Strand made a strong first leg, which was followed up by Karolin Ohlsson, and the Swedish last leg runner Tove Alexandersson won her third World Cup victory this weekend. Norway was second and Finland third.

In the men’s race, Sweden 1 and Sweden 2 were in the lead through almost the entire Relay. The reigning World Champions in Relay Norway showed once more why they have won the last two World Orienteering Championship Relays. Magne Daehli made an impressive last part of the course and won with three seconds. Eskil Kinneberg and Olav Lundanes ran the first and the second leg. Sweden 1 finished as the second team, only seconds ahead of Sweden 2. Only one team per nation counts in the World Cup Results, meaning that Czech Republic, who crossed the finish line in fourth place were third in the World Cup.

The Swedish team in general, and above all Tove Alexandersson, have cemented their place as the big favourite for the coming World Orienteering Championships in Norway 2019.
– I am looking forward to a year of preparations for the next world championships. I will do all I can to be able to perform as good as possible in August next year, Tove Alexandersson says.

Official results will be published here