Successful Ski Orienteering Clinic in Russia

The clinic was conducted in conjunction with the SkiO World Cup Final and the European SkiO Championship in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. There were 23 participants from all over Russia and in addition translators and some SkiO Commission members. In total about 26 attendances.

The clinic started on Friday 13 March at 09:00 and continued to 20:00 after the Team leaders meeting was ended. The first day focus of tge clinic was on IOF Structure, Strategic direction for SkiO, Understanding of the task of an IOF Event Adviser, review IOF SkiO rules and supporting documents, Team leaders meeting observations and afterward reflections.

The second day participants of the clinic had the focus on critical moments for a successful event, main requirements and expected competition standard for international high level IOF events, distances uniqueness (extra long, long, middle, sprint, pursuit, relay and mixed sprint relay). The work continued outdoor; Fieldwork and assessment of competition major functions. After the competition participants shared gained experience from the outdoor examine.

The clinics was conducted in English by Roland Hellberg, but translated into Russian. There was lot of discussionsand experience sharing. Participants was satisfied with the clinics and rewarded a certificate for conducted the clinics.