Successful digital IOF High Level Event Seminar

On Saturday February 6th, the IOF Foot Orienteering Commission organised the High Level Event Seminar for the 13th time – but for the first time in a digital format using MS Teams. The seminar, which primarily targets appointed organisers, potential future organisers and key persons involved in IOF High Level Events, including already appointed IOF Senior Event Advisers and Assistant Senior Event Advisers, normally attracts around 60 attendees. With the Seminar going digital and condensed into a single day instead of a full weekend, we could welcome about 120 participants from 35 countries from all 5 continents and representing all 4 orienteering disciplines.

The Seminar was opened by IOF President Leho Haldna, and then followed 14 short videos including the story how WOC 2020 was postponed three times and what we can learn from skyrunning. The highlight of the Seminar was Daniel Hubmann’s video about how athletes coped with a lost season. All videos are available here []

“It was interesting to reach out to new people, while maintaining our traditional audience. We will consider how we can improve the High Level Event Seminar for the future” – concludes Áron Less, Chair of the IOF Foot Orienteering Commission.