SPORTident presents the limited special edition SIAC 2024

Press release from our partner SPORTident

One World – Seven Continents – Seven Champions

The world sends its best. They compete against each other: Sporty, fair and with a love for the environment. This is the presentation of our limited special edition “SIAC 2024”.

As in orienteering, the best of the best come together and compete against each other. Each is a champion in his or her field with exceptional strengths and skills. Each represents a part of the world. Since the world consists of seven continents, seven animals compete with each other. They are represented on the new mint green recycled SIAC. Our designers have done a excellent job. Which one is your champion? Or are you a supporter of more then one?

During the next seven days, we will present a champion every day on our social media – may the best one win!

The Special Edition can be ordered from 01.11.23 at your local SPORTident partner or directly from our website.

When you buy a complete Champion Set (seven different designs), we will give you a regular SIAC in the colour of your choice for free.

Shipping of the “SIAC 2024” will start on 27.11.23.

Only while stocks last! The sales promotion ends on 31.12.2023.