SkiO World Cup: Baklid and Kudre Schnyder lead after 2 rounds

Jørgen Baklid, Norway and Daisy Kudre Schnyder, Estonia lead the World Cup standings at the end of the European SkiO Championships (ESOC) in Latvia, with one round to go starting in Norway in a few days’ time.

Photo: Jørgen Baklid on Friday’s mass start at ESOC. By Agris Veckalniņš

Baklid won the Mass Start race in Latvia and the Pursuit in the first round in Austria, and has performed consistently throughout. He has an 18-point lead over the Finnish athlete Aapo Viippola, whose compatriot Niklas Ekström is third, a further 25 points down. Three Norwegians and three Finns take the top six places.

Kudre Schnyder was the most successful athlete in Latvia, winning all three Individual races – giving her 300 World Cup points – and taking a silver medal in both relays. With a bronze and a silver medal, Norway’s Anna Ulvensøen climbs to second spot in the standings, where Sweden’s Linda Lindqvist, was sadly struck by illness that kept her out of competition for the whole week. Almost all the Swedish team suffered from a stomach bug mid-week that kept them out of competition for at least one day. Lindqvist is now third in third and in fourth place is another Swede, Frida Sandberg, who was silver medallist in the Middle race in Latvia.

Photo: Daisy Kudre Schnyder on Friday’s mass start at ESOC. By Agris Veckalniņš.

One other athlete in Latvia achieved success equal to that of Kudre Schnyder: home athlete Ritvars Lepeskins won all the Individual races in the European Youth Championships (M17) – a SkiO star of the future.

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This year’s Team World Cup in SkiO is based just on the results of the three relay classes at ESOC: men’s and women’s relay and the sprint relay. Here, as in ESOC overall, success was shared widely, and the outcome was a tie with Norway and Sweden both on 48 points. Next in the overall list are Finland and Switzerland with 43 points; Estonia finished with 42 and Czechia with 32.

The SkiO U-23 World Cup standings are led by Eliane Deininger, Switzerland and Niklas Ekström, Finland, by 30 and 95 points respectively.

The final SkiO World Cup round is in Beitostølen, Norway starting on Thursday.

Leading SkiO World Cup standings


  1. Daisy Kudre Schnyder EST 455 points
  2. Anna Ulvensøen NOR 319
  3. Linda Lindqvist SWE 300
  4. Frida Sandberg SWE 284
  5. Evelina Wickbom SWE 270
  6. Lisa Larsen SWE 260


  1. Jørgen Baklid NOR 375
  2. Aapo Viippola FIN 357
  3. Niklas Ekström FIN 332
  4. Henrik Fredriksen Aas NOR 272
  5. Isak Jonsson NOR 255
  6. Eevert Tiovonen FIN 246

Leading SkiO U-23 World Cup standings


  1. Eliane Deininger SUI 460
  2. Maria Hoskari FIN 430
  3. Elin Schagerström SWE 420
  4. Anezka Hlavacova CZE 288
  5. Ane Sofie Krogh NOR 234
  6. Delia Giezendanner SUI 222


  1. Niklas Ekström FIN 520
  2. Henrik Fredriksen Aas NOR 425
  3. Isak Jonsson NOR 405
  4. Jonatan Stahl SWE 312
  5. Wille Laitamaki FIN 243
  6. Aslak Heimdal NOR 239