Regulations IOF Independent Athlete Status

Regulations for IOF Independent Athlete Status are now published, following the decision from IOF Council to open up for independent athlete participation in World Ranking Events. 1 July 2024 is the first possibility to be granted IIA Status.

Following consultation with the Member Federations and IOF Athlete Representatives through the first quarter of 2024, the IOF Council unanimously approved to open up for independent athlete participation in World Ranking Events through IIA status for eligible athletes. IOF Office has through April and May worked on the practical and technical implementation of the IIA Status, and has now published the document “Regulations IOF Independent Athlete Status” among the rules documents for each discipline. This document also includes a template for athlete declaration  – select applicable discipline and then “Rules”.

Competition Rules for Orienteering

The document includes detailing of application procedure for IIA Status and documents needed to support the application.

The IOF competition rules for World Ranking Events have also been amended with the following addition:

6.2a Competitors who are citizens of a country which does not have an IOF member, or are citizens of a country where the IOF Member is suspended, may apply to compete as an IOF Independent Athlete (IIA). They must satisfy the requirements for IIA status (including payment of an annual administration fee) as published by the IOF.


When IIA status is granted to an athlete, IOF updates the sports nationality for that athlete in Eventor to “IOF Independent Athlete” with the acronym “IIA”. IIA status is valid only for the current season/year and must be applied for annually. In any case the IIA status will not be granted for more than 5 consecutive years, barring extraordinary circumstances and only with the approval of the IOF Council or designee.