PWT China Tour 2018 concludes in Beijing

PWT China Tour 2018 was organized together with the 3rd Beijing Orienteering Week and the main supporter of the tour, Learnjoy. The five PWT events took place around Beijing and nearby areas. The overall winners on the 2018 tour were Yannick Michiels (BEL) and Karolin Ohlsson (SWE).

The fifth and final race of the PWT China tour 2018 took place in the beautiful surroundings of Linqigu orienteering town in the Langfang region, south of Beijing.  The grounds of Linqigu orienteering town offered a charming surrounding for the race worthy to conclude this year’s tour. Organized together with the China open races, there was a magnificent atmosphere in the arena with several hundred orienteers, huge screen and a big TV production for CCTV 5 – the biggest sports channel in China. The terrain itself was an outdoor park area, which was divided in to several different terrain types from open grass land and sandy forest to ”swedish” style cottage village and flower gardens. The courses had parts of very physical character but also as a counter-part, a section of ”labyrinth” orienteering with a 1:1500 map that took place among the cottages.

Read more about the different races and check out lots pf photos from the tour on the PWT Website.