Open your orienteering world with IOF

Would you like to travel the world and discover orienteering in other countries? Or maybe open your home to an orienteer from another place?

The brand new Connecting Worldwide Volunteer Platform aims to connect orienteers from around the globe. It’s has been developed by IOF’s Global Development Commission (GDC) and offers six ways to connect worldwide.

You can sign up as a volunteer or search for one. It’s possible to register a project and look for help to make it happen or go look for projects to give a helping hand. Furthermore, you can search for host families or register as one yourself.

The GDC hopes to give volunteers a unique experience with orienteering in other countries and parts of the world, while orienteering clubs and federations can find active and competent support to make events or projects happen. Ultimately, it could help promote the global growth of orienteering by connecting orienteers from all over the globe.

Go to, and register today and sign up as a volunteer, a host family or search for orienteers to help with your event. Any feedback to improve the platform is welcomed.

Connecting with orienteering worldwide has never been easier.