New TBE information page launched on

IOF has published a new TBE information page: “Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) – Don’t run the risk” here on

The content on the page is developed in collaboration between IOF and Pfizer, Inc. and aims to spread awareness about the dangers and risks of tick-borne encephalitis, also known as TBE, amongst orienteers.

On the page, you can find facts about TBE as well as information about where TBE is found, signs and symptoms and a guide to help protect against tick bites.

Ticks infected with TBE are found in over 36 countries. Therefore, when preparing for an event, it’s important that you evaluate whether your activities will take place in a high-risk location, and take effective precautions well in advance to help fully protect yourself against tick bites and TBE, potentially including vaccination. To find out more, click here.