New IOF World Ranking

At the October meeting of Council, changes were approved to the IOF World ranking System (WRS) with effect from January 1 2019 following a review of the WRS.

The duration of the ranking period in FootO will now be 24 months, to reflect the imminent changes to the World Championships program into forest based formats in odd calendar years and sprint based formats in even calendar years. The best 5 scores of an athlete will now count over the period. The ranking periods for MTBO, Ski-O and TrailO remain unchanged.

Council approved a reduction in the fixed weighting for major IOF events. New weightings are:

Other changes approved were that all Junior World Championships across disciplines will be a part of the WRS, a refinement in the base ranking algorithm to improve consistency of ranking point data will be implemented, and a system for awarding points for the new Knock-Out Sprint format in FootO was developed.

Updates of the World Ranking System

The world ranking system has been developed to follow the new world ranking scheme rules. The most important aspects of the change from a world ranking follower and athlete perspective is that:

  • From 2019-01-01, all new World Ranking Events will follow the new World Ranking Scheme calculations.
  • If you look at a World Ranking list from 2019-01-01 and onward, the World Ranking lists will show the world ranking lists based on the new Scheme, even results that were earned before 2019-01-01.
  • If you produce a World Ranking list with a date that is before 2018-12-31, the World Ranking list will be calculated according to the old world ranking scheme.

This means that on the shifting date, 2019-01-01, there can be a slight change in positions in the World Ranking lists due to that all Scheme changes come into effect immediately at that date.


This change has affected past results and also will be affecting all coming world ranking points and the system has been thoroughly tested. If you encounter any issue or mistake with points calculations, please feedback to .

If you have questions about the new World Ranking Scheme and its implementation, please contact

Coming changes

The presentation of ranking data in the IOF Ranking site will progressively include a few enhancements. These include:

  • The ability to filter and display ranking scores by IOF region as well as the existing by federation.
  • The creation of a “best overall” world ranking for FootO, combining the Sprint and Middle/Long ranking lists.
  • Publishing a quarterly ranking update across disciplines and regions

Review recommendations regarding creating a “strength of starting field” or “level based system” for WREs, and being able to display this in IOF Eventor, will be investigated further to determine how best this can be implemented.


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