New drop in IOF carbon emissions

The International Orienteering Federation has released its Carbon Budget Report for 2021, which estimates the CO2 emissions of the federation in the past year.

It includes the activities of around 120 persons in IOF Office, Council and Commissions and shows an estimate of 23,4 tonnes of CO2-eq emissions during 2021.

The level of emissions was less than 1/10 of 2019 and there are several explanations for that development:

The Covid 19 Pandemic has cancelled multiple events and in presence meetings and thereby minimizing travelling activities.

At the same time, the climate measures taken by IOF in early 2020 has contributed as well. The more frequent use of teleconferencing has helped to a significant reduction in mobility CO2 emissions.

– All of the IOF organization has embraced the climate agenda in the last years, and I think we should be proud of the decrease in carbon emissions in 2021. It is, of course, an effort that should continue in the years to come, and I feel certain the orienteering community will take on that task, says IOF Secretary General, Sondre Sande Gullord.

IOF is one of several hundred signatories of the UNFCCC and IOC Sports for Climate Action initiative, which aims at supporting and guiding sports actors in achieving global climate change goals.

Therefore, the IOF is committed to publish and mention its carbon footprint annually on

The Carbon Budget Report for 2021 and a summary can be found in the Environment and Sustainability section on the homepage.