National quotas for WOC 2025 long distance published

The national quotas for the WOC 2025 long distance race have now been calculated and are published in the Rules section of the FootO Commission on

The number of participants that each federation can enter is limited and determined by the results from previous forest World Orienteering Championships.

Based on the results, the federations are placed in three divisions. Federations in division 1 may register three athletes for the long distance race, federations in division 2 may register two athletes and federations in division 3 may register one athlete.

The quota rules are described in the FootO competition rules for WOC, section 6.8.

The 2025 World Orienteering Championships are held in Kuopio, Finland from July 7 – 12.

Photo: Simona Aebersold (SUI) wins the 2023 WOC long distance in Flims Laax, Switzerland. By Thomi Studhalter.